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The safest planes

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When choosing which plane to fly, many passengers prefer to know which liners are statistically safest. And in this case, incidents related to terrorism were not counted.

Boeing 737 CFMI. With the participation of this liner, one crash occurs in 4,836,900 flight hours. It was produced in 1984-2000, 1796 of these Boeings are still in use. The second generation of the 737th model was realized in the number of 1,988 aircraft, most of which are still operating around the world. The CFMI index speaks of an engine model built jointly by the American company General Electric and the French from Snecma. The last major disaster involving this liner occurred in August 2008. Then near Perm crashed "Boeing" belonging to the carrier "Aeroflot Nord". The plane was 16 years old, with it all 88 people on board crashed.

Boeing 757. The passenger airliner was produced from 1982 to 2005. One crash of such a "Boeing" falls on 13,744,400 hours in the sky. Until now, 973 aircraft of this model are in operation, although 1050 were produced. The Boeing company developed it to replace the outdated 727th. The 757 model turned out to be quite successful, it is still used by many US carriers, including the large United and Delta. And outside of America, the liner is popular with carriers. With the participation of Boeing-757, there are only 5 fatal accidents, in which 436 people died. It may also be recalled that during the September 11 attacks, 2 of these planes crashed due to a terrorist attack. We are infamous for this liner, thanks to the tragic collision with the Tu-154 over Lake Baden in 2002.

Airbus A320. This European liner has been produced from 1988 to the present. One crash occurs in every 14 million flight hours. Currently, 4467 such aircraft are in operation, and more than 5 thousand of them have been produced. The A320 assembly line works even in China. This Airbus has several modifications - А321, А318 and А319. They are also very popular not only with low-cost carriers, but also with reputable companies. The number of aircraft of this model in the sky is enormous, but only 8 accidents have been noted in 20 years of use. A total of about 750 passengers died in them. It was the A320 that in January 2009 the pilots managed to land on the Hudson after being hit by a flock of birds. And in July 2010, such a liner crashed in Pakistan while landing. Then 152 people died.

Boeing 767. One crash of such an aircraft accounts for 14.9 million flight hours. Boeing-767 began to be produced in 1982, which they continue to do today. 867 out of 1005 produced machines are in operation. The model is one of the most popular long-haul models for both American and European carriers. Over the past 20 years, Boeing 767s have had only three accidents, in which 536 people died. It was these liners that rammed the Twin Towers during the events of 9/11. The latest accident involving a Boeing 767 occurred in April 2002 in the Korean Busan. Then, during the landing approach, due to pilot errors, the plane crashed, and 129 people died.

Boeing 737 NG. The new generation of the 737 series is better and safer than its predecessors. One crash occurs in every 16 million flight hours. Such an aircraft began to be produced in 1982, which continues today. So far, 2,583 of these airliners are in operation. In the entire history of its flights, there have been only three accidents, with the death of a total of 277 passengers. The latter dates back to February 2009. Then the plane of the Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines crashed while trying to land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The victims were 5 passengers and four crew members.

Boeing 747. This plane is notorious. After all, the collision of two Boeing-747s in 1977 on the runway claimed the lives of 583 people. That accident has the status of the largest in the world aviation. Overall, however, the liner shows miracles of reliability. It has been produced since 1969 to the present. One disaster occurs in 17.3 million flight hours. About 935 of the 1443 manufactured aircraft are still in operation. For almost 40 years, the liner was the heaviest, most capacious and largest passenger aircraft. For 40 years in the sky, fatal accidents happened to him only 18 times. The most recent major one happened to a Chinese Airlines liner in May 2002. Then, due to improper engine repair, the plane flying from Hong Kong to Taiwan fell apart in the sky. Its remains, together with 225 passengers, fell into the sea.

Airbus A330. This aircraft has been produced since 1993. Until 2008, there were no fatal accidents with his participation at all. However, on June 1, an Air France A330 liner en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro fell and sank in the Atlantic Ocean. The reasons have not really been clarified, because the black boxes could not be found. The tragedy claimed the lives of 228 people. At that time, the A330 had already flown about 12 million hours without incident. Another major Airbus accident occurred in 2010 in Libya. The landing liner crashed along with 103 passengers. A total of 830 such aircraft were produced, of which 577 are in operation.

Airbus A340. This newest Airbus has been in production since 1993. In total, about 30 vehicles are in operation, and the same number has already been ordered. There were no fatal accidents associated with this airliner. But he has already flown over 13 million hours. However, such excellent statistics do not particularly appeal to air carriers. The fact is that the model turned out to be rather uneconomical. Other models of this class, A330 and Boeing-777, turned out to be much more profitable. The only serious incident with this long-haul liner occurred in 2005 in Toronto. When landing during a thunderstorm, the Air France plane landed unsuccessfully, as a result 43 people received bodily injuries of varying severity.

Boeing 777. This plane rightfully bears the title of the safest in the world. It has been produced since 1995, 742 machines out of 1040 produced are in operation. The Boeing 777 has flown over 19 million hours without a single fatal accident. Among the incidents, we can only mention the emergency landing of a British Airways liner at Heathrow Airport, London. The malfunction appeared due to the ingress of ice crystals into the heat exchanger. The accident resulted in 13 passengers being injured, but no one was killed.

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