Sexual merphology

Sexual merphology

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The Zhvanetsky imperative

The more a woman we are, the less she is to us.

Zhvanetsky classification

Women are divided into young and the rest.

Zhvanetsky's mental differentiation

For men, thought rises from below, for women, it remains there.

Zhvanetsky's observations

There are no smart women. There are delight what stupid and horror what fools.

You can do whatever you want with a woman, only she needs to constantly explain what we are doing at the moment.

Chekhov's identity

Going with your wife to Paris is like going to Tula with your samovar.

The fourth instruction of Kozma Prutkov

Don't joke with women: these jokes are stupid and indecent.

Ovid's observation

Chaste is the one that no one wished for.

Bitov expansion

It is easy to maintain ideological virginity when no one encroaches on it.

Dumas triangle

Marriage is difficult. And sometimes even three of us.

Newton-Shakespeare's law

The obstacles to love only make it stronger.

Shakespeare's paradox

All lovers swear to do more than they can, and do not even do what is possible.

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