The most unusual grandmothers

The most unusual grandmothers

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Who said that becoming a grandmother, a woman should only nurse her grandchildren, knit, and taste all the delights of old age? There are many women who, even in old age, demonstrate a liveliness of mind and interest in life.

The surrounding can only admire the talents of such grandmothers. The most amazing grandmothers who were able to be noted for extraordinary actions will be discussed below.

Drummer grandma. Such an affectionate nickname was given to a 63-year-old lady. She is a regular visitor at the Coalition Drum Shop in Las Cross, Wisconsin. A video with a musician grandmother has become a popular viral ad. Mary Hwisda began her career as a drummer at the age of 15, and from the age of 16 she became a permanent member of various groups. The woman left the scene in 1990, when she simply could not find a new team. Mary decided to quit her hobby and even sold her drum kit. But her love for music turned out to be stronger than her. She began to visit a record store and play drums there, thus satisfying her passion for music. The grandmother also glorified the store with her talents, which in gratitude gave her a new drum kit. Is it worth it to be ashamed of love for music at this age? Some of the members of The Rolling Stones are even older and still take the stage.

Bodybuilder grandma. Edna Shepard, a 90-year-old Australian resident, is a visitor attraction at one of Melbourne's gyms. Even athletes half her age admire the uniform of the Broadmeadows Leisure Center client. Here she is engaged not only in bodybuilding, but also in tai chi, as well as aerobics. An energetic grandmother is practicing ballroom dancing, or doing water gymnastics. Fitness is her daily activity. According to Edna herself, exercise is like knitting to her peers. Skipping workouts in the gym, grandmother goes to the dances. Every Wednesday, she does the obligatory walking tour with her fellow walkers. Edna says she simply cannot live without movement and physical activity. And the energetic old woman has no desire to rest a little.

Grandmother with tattoos. It happens that people by their actions do not give a reason to think about their true age. 101-year-old Mimi Rosenthal decided to put her cane aside again, sitting down in the black leather armchair of the tattoo parlor. True, her height of one and a half meters is not enough to reach the floor with her feet. The brave grandmother got her first tattoo at the age of 99. The honor to serve such an unusual client went to the master Michelle Gallo-Colas, a longtime friend of the Rosenthal family. This is how Mimi got her first tattoo in the form of a small blue butterfly the size of a small coin. The master said that the grandmother looked very closely at the finished drawing, finding it not large enough. On her centenary, Mimi demanded to get her a bigger tattoo, this time on the other leg. She liked the new flower, the size of a large coin, more. Only now, to see him, he had to lift his trouser leg. So Mimi decided to get her third tattoo on her arm.

Grandma pulling a truck. The name of the strong 72-year-old Chinese woman is Wang Xiaobei. She was born in Jinan City, Shandong Province, East China. The woman became famous in 2006, then she was able to pull out a truck with passengers with a total weight of four tons with her teeth. And the next year, she surpassed herself. This time, Wang Xiaobei dragged two vehicles with a total weight of five tons over a distance of several meters with her teeth.

Judoka grandmother. Keiko Fukuda is a famous person in judo. She managed to become the first woman to receive a black belt of the highest tenth dan. It is no coincidence that Fukuda is called the most famous woman in the history of judo. And she began to practice this martial art at an early age, when her peers were just learning the intricacies of calligraphy and the Japanese tea ceremony. At the age of only 21, Keiko was invited to work as a coach in the newly created Kodokan judo school in the world. And the initiator of her attraction was Jigoro Kano, the founder of this type of martial arts. Keiko not only taught other women the art of judo, but eventually opened her own school. The female fighter died at the age of 99 in San Francisco in February 2013. I must say that almost until the last weeks of her life, who devoted herself not to her family, but to her hobby, the old woman taught young people, passing on her skills.

Grandmother is a parachutist. Pat Oaks became the oldest skydiver in Great Britain. A woman in the status of a great-grandmother set the record at the age of 93. But the previous figure was only 60 years old. Mrs. Oaks was not afraid to jump out of the plane at an altitude of three kilometers at such a respectable age. My grandmother is a skydiver from Solihull, West Midlands. I must say that Pat has done bold deeds all her life. 13 years before her jump, she took part with her grandson in a charity rappelling. But the descent on the ropes ended unsuccessfully for the old woman - she fell from a height of 15 meters upside down, falling into a coma. But after recovering from her wounds, she made two more descents.

Yoga Master. At 83, Betty Kalman is energized to teach ancient Indian science. The grandmother is so dexterous that she can perform incredible stunts for her age. In her tracksuit and pearl earrings in her ears, and with her hair down, she is as glamorous as Greta Garbo. And the Australian has been teaching yoga for over 40 years. By her example, Betty proves that constant gymnastic exercises allow you to maintain flexibility even at this age.

Graduate grandmother. The truth is that it is never too late to learn. In her youth, Josephine Belasco dropped out of school for a very good reason - she had to take care of her sick sister and feed her family. So the regret that high school was unfinished remained for life. But in 2006, at the age of 98, the old woman decided to get a diploma, which she succeeded. For 36 years, Josephine worked as an accountant, her marriage was also long and happy. The only son awarded her with three grandchildren at once. Now the old woman lives in her own apartment on the top floor. But she is not a recluse, and sometimes even goes to the city to chat with her friends over a glass of cocktail. In the photograph of the graduates, Mrs. Belasco is the same as her young classmates - in a robe, a white cap and a rose in her hands. The high school of her native Galileo finally submitted to her, albeit 80 years after admission.

Grandma is a storm of wolves. Rural residents have to face their own problems that city dwellers never dreamed of. Aishat Maksudova, a 56-year-old Russian grandmother, lives in the Dagestani village of Novy Biryuzyak. Once she was grazing cows and sheep, when suddenly a wolf attacked the herd. The brave woman managed to recapture the calf from him, but the gray predator suddenly attacked the man and grabbed his hand with his teeth. Later, at the time of dressing in the hospital, Aishat said that she was not frightened at all at that moment. At first she wanted to strangle the wolf with her bare hands, and then she simply hit him with an ax, realizing that she could not pull her hand out of the gripping jaws.

Grandma is a prostitute. Thanks to her profession, this woman was even able to get into the Guinness Book of Records. Millie Cooper began her career as a prostitute during the Second World War. She was 27 years old when a Londoner fell in love with an American soldier and followed him to Las Vegas. But soon the beloved died in the war, and Millie was left alone in a strange city. At first, she got a job as a dancer in a cabaret, and soon began to sell her body as well. As the years passed, Millie gained many regular clients, and she herself managed to rise to the status of Madame. Now other girls were working for her. In 1955, an experienced prostitute managed to get married, but decided not to part with such a profitable business. And after 25 years, Millie decided to sell her body again, doing this to this day. The old woman claims that during her career she managed to sleep with 3.5 thousand men. She is now 97 years old and he still accepts men - no more than two a week. Each visit to this prostitute costs clients $ 1200.

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