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Meaning of the name

Venus translated from Latin means "love". In ancient Roman mythology, Venus is the daughter of Jupiter, the Goddess of spring, beauty and love; in ancient Greek mythology - Aphrodite.


She grows up as a weak, restless and sickly girl, prone to frequent respiratory diseases. She looks like her father, but her character inherits her mother's character and begins to show it already in childhood.

Venus's parents do not get along with each other, the atmosphere in the family is not the best, and the girl learns the difficulties of life early.

Venus is a capable girl, she is musical, plastic and athletic. At school, she would have no problems if not for the eternal arguments with teachers.

Venus born in winter are beautiful. They have a difficult character and often they cannot find a common language even with their own mother.

Those born in the summer are distinguished by kindness, caring and an easy attitude to money, they tend to rush from one extreme to another.

Venuses are amorous, their first marriage is not always successful, and in general they make many mistakes in life. In the second marriage, they are happy. They are good housewives and caring mothers (more often - daughters, less often - sons). They like to dress somewhat extravagantly, preferring red and purple tones.

The male society always prefers the male. She is extremely amorous and enjoys overwhelming success with men. Sociable and lively, one might say, a sparkling woman and keeps her liveliness until old age. The nature is unbalanced, the character is contradictory, the mood often changes without weight reasons.


Venus is deeply and strongly experiencing lust, but outwardly it almost does not appear. Due to her natural shyness, Venus is somewhat constrained in sexual behavior, therefore she prefers experienced men who know the technique of sex.

Venus loves long lovemaking, kisses that cause sexual arousal, strong irritants for her are not so much the hands of a man, as those hot love words that he whispers to her during erotic games.

Some men expect an immediate reaction to their affection, so if this does not happen to Venus, she believes that she has failed and begins to get nervous.

She is simply impatient, so she especially needs a benevolent, attentive and sensitive partner. Listening to her own feelings and caring more about not being dissatisfied herself, Venus often forgets about a man, unable to understand what interferes with his sexual well-being.

If Venus learns to sometimes compromise her interests in order to better know her partner's desires, she can become an unsurpassed lover.

In family life, Venus is a very difficult person. She is too jealous, adamant, wants to dominate in everything, including in intimate relationships. Her marriage is often short-lived. After separating from her husband, she no longer ties herself in marriage.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Fish, Taurus.


The sound of the name Venus gives the impression of something strong, light, active, bright, joyful.

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