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Water - hydrogen oxide, H20, the simplest stable under normal conditions chemical compound of hydrogen with oxygen (11.19% hydrogen and 88.81% oxygen by mass), molecular weight 18.0160, existing in liquid (colorless liquid, odorless and tasteless, in thick layers has a bluish color), solid and gaseous states.

Water is a liquid that is considered the highest value on Earth. We have been drinking water since birth, and we think we know everything about water. But still, there are a lot of misconceptions in our knowledge.

When boiled, substances harmful to health disappear from the water. When we boil tap water, we are pretty sure we are drinking pure water. But, alas, boiling does not even kill all microbes, let alone heavy metals and petroleum products. That is why, simply by boiling water, we will not purify it. And, by the way, useful calcium and magnesium salts settle on the walls of the kettle after boiling. Doctors also say that when boiling tap water, organochlorine compounds are formed, which adversely affect all human health.

Filters purify water. Water filters are most in demand by consumers who believe they can purify water. In addition, filter manufacturers use modern methods of water purification, which are also used in bottled water factories. But a closer look can reveal factors that speak of a completely different quality of filtered water:
The water that you filter is still flowing through worn-out pipes, and what is even more unpleasant, it is disinfected with chlorine.
Filters will not be able to purify water from heavy metal salts and nitrates, and this increases the likelihood of the formation of organochlorine compounds in the water, which negatively affect health.
In most cases, when using water filters, water is demineralized. With prolonged use of such water, the water-salt balance of the body is disturbed.
If you are already using a water filter at home, do not forget to change the carbon component in time. Indeed, when coal is oversupplied, it begins to release into water all the accumulated substances with a double concentration.

Mineral water every day! Mineral water is drunk by many as plain water, and it is often used for cooking. But it is worth remembering that mineral water must be used with great care, especially if it is medicinal - table mineral water. Uncontrolled use of such mineral water can cause disturbances in the water-salt balance in the body. There is a strict limit on its consumption - no more than 2 glasses a day. In addition, it is worth taking breaks in its use. Medicinal mineral waters generally need to be used only if prescribed by a doctor. Such water is drunk in courses, a certain dosage is observed. But you can drink table mineral water with pleasure and without restriction, the level of mineralization in which is up to 1 g / l.

Silver purifies water !? There is a popular belief that silver is simply miraculous. It has antiseptic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Despite the fact that many of us believe that "silver" water has a very good effect on our well-being, scientists and doctors have not confirmed this fact. Not many people know that silver is used in water production as an active preservative. But getting into the body with water, like any preservative, it can cause disturbances in microflora, as well as various types of bacteriosis.

Spring water is healthy and safe! Many people consider spring water to be the purest and most useful, so everyone strives to take water from sources. In addition, some of them were attributed to extraordinary miraculous properties. All of this is partially true. But the sanitary condition of many springs leaves much to be desired and requires the indispensable work on cleaning and arrangement. And the person himself often pollutes water bodies with industrial wastewater. The best option is to get an analysis of its chemical composition before using the spring water. Excess or deficiency of basic trace elements in water can affect our health in one way or another.

Better to drink eight glasses of water a day. In fact, it would be very nice if we drank at least eight glasses of water a day. After all, thanks to this, we will be able to make our hair brighter, our skin smoother, our brains will think better, and many other troubles will go away. A simple test: If you drink enough fluids, your urine will be almost clear.

If you drink water during or after sports, extra centimeters will not go away. On the contrary, drinking during exercise is not only possible, but necessary. Indeed, during physical exertion, we lose a large amount of fluid, and dehydrated muscles cannot work at full strength. Therefore, the effect of training without water will be much weaker than we would like. Therefore, it is not a fact that the extra volume appeared due to a bottle of water. Rather, buns, chocolates and other goodies have done their job here.